Choice of India: Thoughts for Better Nation

Any of the Political party if they are able to adopt following some suggestions, within next 10 years Inda will become no.1 in the world in all sector. Growth in Economical, Industrial, Educational, Health, Agricultural fields, provides social security for each and every Indian. – B Vasanth Padiyar

MRP for Agricultural Commodities:
Since all the Industrial Goods are sold by MRP why Agricultural goods are sold without that – by fixing MRP for each and every product. Government or Semi-Government Agencies have to Purchase the goods from Agricultural goods (as like Area nut from Campco). APMC should have storage facility in each and every Taluk head quarters. The Distributors margin and retails margin should be fixed by Suppliers / Stockist / Government. Until the Agricultural Goods are sold without MRP we can’t expect the growth of farmer. If it is required few more Firms / or Boards can be established like MSIL and KMF. Once the MRP is fixed farmers are getting guaranteed price than the real growth start automatically no any other schemes required like waives of farmer loan or any other subsidy scheme are not required.

Free Education:
The Education is most important for each and every citizen. But in our country Education is sold by somebody and purchased by somebody. Those who are holding the money they are only eligible for Education. Since the education in English medium is required for each and every citizen of the India.

From class 1st to 10th free English medium Education required their after if required fees can be collected or education loan can be granted without interest why means in Karnataka. Since last 5 years more than 3000 Kannada medium schools are closed and more than that English medium schools are opened. Government it self declared that people are not able to manage their basic needs rice is distributed by Annabhagya like other Bhagya schemes are those rather than that if we provide free quality education the poor can be up lifted by Education only.

If we provide free Education for next 10 years India will become super power in the world. More over the Rural peoples are not able to complete their Education due to financial & accommodation problem. Because of that we can find only 5-6% graduates in rural area and 40 to 44% graduates in urban area. The free English medium education is very important in all over India.

Free Medical facility:
A common person cannot affard the medical facility in private Hospital, Government hospitals are not useful to any of the citizen. It is ment for schemes only. The reality is totally different as the government brought insurance scheme for Medical & Health increase premium can be born by the Government only.

Free insurance:
The policy provided by government should provide free risk cover for all the citizen the premium born by government only -the reason is that it is the real social security by the government.

Law and Order:
The law and order in India is very weak, the people are suffering lot by the law and order for any cases either civil or Criminal. The time limit must be fixed (which will be not more than 3 years) and traffic rules also to be considered more strict otherwise road accident can happen more and more. It means we are not in position to safeguard our own people in roads.

Separate Independent Body to Clear Industrial Related Issues:
The Entrepreneurs are not ready to do the business because of lack of knowledge and fear of debt burden. Any kind of Industries should have starting problem during that period if bank account is declared as NPA within 90 days the bankers are not going to support the industries the reason is that they are also have accountability. Such cases before starting any recovery action against any industries at least they have to take permission from District Industries centre and either District Industries centre or separate Authority should take decision before taking any recovery action against Small Scale Industries.
To start Industries also clearance should be issued within some time frame for obtaining various licence and clearance from various Department is very labourius issue and every where without bribe generally none of the work is possible.

Separate Self Employment Course like any other Degree:
To start a Industry above with investment one crore and above one should have minimum technical and Financial qualification or equal Degre which is related to the proposed Industry. The tax rate is very high in our country and major thing is disparity between income Group. Any body those who are earning above one lakh should pay minimum 10% tax any kind of exemption is applicable for those who are having above 5.00 Lakhs net income and the maximum tax should be 20% only who are not filing their Income Tax Returns by declaring minimum tax on income they are not eligible to buy any kind of vehicle either two wheeler or four wheeler and they are not eligible for retirement benefit scheme.

Independent Body for Eradication of Corruption:
The corruption in India is playing very big role due to that the common people suffering lot
The role of Corruption in following Areas
a) To set a job.
b) To set any government work.
c) Admission for school and college.
d) Land conversion.
e) Subsidy and innovative claim.
f) Government hospitals.
g) Land allotment for Residential & Industrial use.
h) Clearance and licence for any kind of activity

To Eradicate Corruption we need to organise one independent body like Election Commission and they are free to take any decision. The Corruption Eradication is only possible by Educating the people with supporting Government Agency.

Tourism Activity:
This is very waste subject, now a days each and every person is going to spend their weakly, monthly, yearly tour at best possible place with maximum entertainment. For example Murdeshwara, there is nothing just few year back. But now the one of the highest tourist visiting place only because of development by locals. If government take some initiative for Tourism Development the younger generation will get maximum job opportunity and which bring highest revenue to the common people and government also.

24 hours electricity is required for all most all commercial, Industrial and domestic activities. If we are not able to provide Electricity means we can’t expect growth of the country. By implementing the latest technologies, power generation and distribution required accordingly to requirement of the public.

Prevention of Water and other natural Resources:
If we have not taken drastic steps to prevent Water and other natural resources our country will be facing so many problems in coming days, for which all type of measures to be taken like rain water harvest, lake development, sea water process, construction of additional dams many more like this.

Pension for all Senior Citizens:
The senior citizens of the country are really they are equal to god. After getting all type of benefit from them if we are not able to care for them is the biggest tragedy. During their earning period government have to collect some contribution and by that contribution government has to provide free health and pension for retired persons.

Minimum Wages Act:
The labour class people and agricultural labour are really suffering lot in our country. Those who are working in private or public organisation even in local establishments one should get minimum Rs 10,000/- per month as salary and out of that 10% compulsory deduction for each and every citizen of India and same amount should be utilized for government schemes like free education, free health and pension after retirement.

Empowerment of Regional Rural Bank:
Regional rural bank concept is very good for the public, but those banks are not discharging their duties as per their concept. They are not lending to small farmers but their maximum advance for large and Established businessmen, why they should do like this. Government have to fix the maximum lending limit upto 25.00 lakhs. If more amount is required they should approach only nationalised banks. Regional Rural Banks must concentrate on the micro small and medium farmers and other agriculture allied activities.

Two party system:
The failure of democracy in India only because of multiparty system. Government has to take immediate step for amendment of constitution and creating only two parties which will be in any name and same parties can take any local or national lavel parties them only the Democracy get success.

Minimum qualification for politician:
Since India is having lot of Intellectual and Educated un-employees we need to support them. To support any one political party and for conducting Election the qualification should be very minimum and we train them to have we can complete election and what is the real role of politician in the country. Only by considering the advantages disadvantages of the fault, moreover educating the general public regarding politics is very important.

Empowerment of women by safety and security:
The women in India Suffered lot and suffering lot they are always treated as slaves. But we need to change our mind set they are also equally responsible for our growth and development of the country. If you go to other country like Dubai women’s are always feel safe when they outside or inside the home. But India they can’t feel that type of safety only because in our country law and order is very weak. We have to provide 100% guarantee for them regarding, safety Education Employment.

Technical support for Agricultural and Harvested Crops:
The agricultural sector is very weak in our country because of that the crop which they grown will be sold for less rate and expectation from mediator and traders. Government should take immediate initiative to provide market for agricultural commodities and help them to sell their product by converting raw material into finished goods if possible then only he can expect same thing good for agricultural sector.

Removal of Cast and Religion based Reservation:
The major issue in India is caste and religion, since every government is telling that since India is similar country why the caste and religion based reservation in all seats. Those who are financial weak they need support from government and caste based any type of activity should be stopped and if any body opposing the casteism they should be punished as per law.

In conclusion the India is great country with intellectual but only the concept working until now is not in the interest of the general public because the strict and helpful reralutional things only can bring the general public together and we can see the real growth of the country by unity between the citizens.

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